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January 22, 2017


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Welcoming 2017

As we are entering 2017, I would like to do a little flashback of what I’ve done in 2016 and share them with you. So far, 2016 was the most challenging year for me, with the most amount of movies to be done which varied in different genres and themes. I met so many new directors with different point of views and unique styles also teamed up with many new musicians in the projects.

So why don’t you join my ‘time machine’ and let’s travel a little back in time! Here are the movie list (in release-date order):   

 Abdullah dan Takeshi

A comedy movie with distinctive approach by Kemal Palevi, a rising stand up comedian. This was my second collaboration with this director, scriptwriter, and actor for composing the movie score.


‘Modus’ is a comedy movie about young man chasing after his dream girl. Starring by the rising Youtube celebrities in Indonesia, made me choose hip hop and other urban music styles as references in producing the movie score. 

The Fabulous Udin
Based on the novel by Rons Imawan, the movie about friendship has been nominated in Piala Maya for ‘Best Young Performer’ category.

Sabtu Bersama Bapak
Namedafter Adhitya Mulya’s novel, this movie was most expected by the novel’sdevoted fan bases. ‘Sabtu Bersama Bapak’ was my second collaboration with the director, Monty Tiwa, and personally related to its story.

While composing the movie score, I tried to give the minimalist approach by usingpiano-solo cello-solo violin trio. I chose that approach because I wanted tocreate a deeper and more intimate ambience. That’s why I let only a few (the musical instruments) ‘spoke’.

Koala Kumal

Being the sixth Raditya Dika’s movie score that I produced, ‘Koala Kumal’ also listed in BoxOffice Movies of 2016. This was the quirkiest scoring I made for Raditya Dika’s movie so far, because I did the experiment using string quartet to add the majestic ambience and banjo, to add some decorative sound.

Warkop DKI Reborn

This was the biggest selling movie in the history of Indonesiancinema with more than 6.5 million audience. Being in this movie project has given me the greatest honor, not to mention the legendary name (and also the spirit) of Indonesian comedian group, WARKOP DKI, that this movie carried.

Ada Cinta di SMA

To be honest, this was my first time ever composing music score for musical movie. Not to mention, the excitement coming from the movie casts, the boys from Coboy Junior (CJR).

 Dear Love

‘Dear Love’, a drama romantic movie about a woman who fell in love with her own best friend, marked my first teamwork with Andromeda Pictures.

Melbourne: Rewind

A couple years ago, the director, Danial Rifki, has approached me to help himdoing the movie score. Finally, after one and a half year, I really got the chance to actually do the score for his movie. How fun!

Cinta Laki-Laki Biasa

Aside of arranging the movie score, I got the chance to arrange the original soundtrack, composed by Rafika Saleh, my wife.


This was the seventh Raditya Dika’s movie score that I produced. To differentiate it from other movies with the same genre, I tried baroque music style to build the uniqueness with a little nuance of mystery.

Cek Toko Sebelah

Directed by Ernest Prakasa, ‘Cek Toko Sebelah’ was my second collaboration with this standup comedian, actor, and writer. Last year I also helped him arranging the score for ‘Ngenest’, which has received many awards for his debut as a director.

Although the film background speaks a lot about Chinese culture, I tried to use a different approach and explore European style instead using accordion and harpsichord, which is usually used in classical music, to add some uniqueness.

I really hope you enjoy all the movies as much as I did when composing the score.

See you!


Andhika Triyadi


January 22, 2017


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