Project Info

Falcon Pictures

Release Date

27 December 2018





Film Scoring

Asal Kau Bahagia

Tells about the love story of Aliando and Aurora. One day Ali gets a severe accident that causes her to have a coma. But even though the body is lying helpless and must race between life and death, Ali’s soul still lives like a normal human. Aurora is one of the reasons Ali struggles to get well and get up from her coma. Aliando doesn’t want her beloved girlfriend to be sad because of her condition. But over time Ali just realized something he had never known. A big secret that has been successfully overtaken by Aurora. Great secret related to their love story. The bad reality that Ali faced made he very sad and sad. Should he continue to fight for his love for Aurora. Or he must give up everything.


Rako Prijanto


Upi Avianto (story), Aline Djayasukmana (script writer)

Aliando Syarief, Aurora Ribero