Project Info

Rapi Film

Release Date

17 November 2016




Drama, Romance

Film Scoring

Melbourne Rewind

Failed to move on. That reality is faced by Laura (Pamela Bowie), a radio broadcaster who lives in Melbourne, when she finds her first love Max (Morgan Oey), appears before her. The memory of the past is slowly returning. Max is not just her first love, but also the man who makes Laura find her purpose in life. Their youth ego makes them separate. Max has to go to America to realize his dream as a lighting designer. Both agreed to realize their dream in their own ways. Max comes back when she is ready to forget him and move on to another man, Evan (Jovial Da Lopez), a veterinarian, who is also the boyfriend of his friend, Cee (Aurelie Mauremans).

Director : Danial Rifki

Writers : Haqi Achmad, Winna Efendi

Morgan Oey, Pamela Bowie, Jovial Da Lopez