Project Info

B Sinema



Release Date

15 July 2010




Drama, Horror, Thriller

Film Scoring

Pengantin Topeng

Randy (Hardy Hartono) and Alexa (Masayu Anastasia) are getting married. To say goodbye to the carefree days, they invite three best friends on a vacation, in a paradise beach. Billy (Gabriel Tabalujan), Kinar (Lolita Putri) and Rosa (Adelia Rasya) are happy to join in the fun, and share the trip in Randy’s car to the south coast of West Java. On arrival, these three immediately spend time looking around until evening. With sunbathing, splashing in the ocean, talking, and dancing, it is already late when they get to the road for the night at the hotel. The car broke down on the road, and the distance to the hotel is quite far. In this secluded place there is no public transportation, and the mobile phones do not get a connection. Finally, there is no choice for them except to stay at a decrepit bungalow on the beach. Finding a rotting body in the house is not a good way to start the evening – but worse is about to come. Like the sad scene Alexa and her younger brother saw at home, when they were little kids.

Director : Awi Suryadi

Writer : Awi Suryadi

Masayu Anastasia, Hardy Hartono, Lolita Putri, Adelia Rasya