Curiosity kills the cat, but not Andhika Triyadi. Since he was just a little kid, Andhika learns how to turn his boredom into creativity. Accidentally in love with music since he knew how to play the bass and became a bassist player in many bands with various music genres, he is now expanding his creativity with something larger: composing film scores.

For music knows no limit, Andhika continuously works his magic with an integration of simple humming and a wide range of musical instruments: accordion, pianica, harmonica, Tek Yan (Chinese string instrument), Gambang Kromong (traditional Betawinese orchestra which combines gamelan, tinkling, tambourine, and drum), banjo, mandolin, trumpet, flugelhorn, saxophone to synthesizer and computer-based musical instruments.

With his ability to pour emotions into beautiful rhythm and imagination as secret weapons, this natural born artist always leaves his personal touch in every single masterpiece he created and marries art with professionalism